Student Services

Heritage Academy seeks to engage and empower each student in a wide variety of academic and social experiences. The Director of Student Services/counselor is available to help each student navigate changes that occur throughout a student’s academic career. The school counselor provides support for all students regarding their emotional, social, and academic well-being, and promotes wellness through active listening, problem-solving, education, and referrals.

The school counselor is available to assist all Heritage students on academic, career and college, and social/emotional support as appropriate. The counselor meets individually with students and parents to provide support and guidance, serves as a liaison between Heritage and any outside mental health professional, serves as a referral source for outside professionals such tutors, and is a student advocate.


ADA Section 504 Plans/Individualized Education Plan

The DSS/counselor provides tutor referrals, recommends assessments, evaluates requests for assessment and learning assistance, refers families to appropriate educational diagnosticians, interprets educational assessments, and supervises the implementation of recommendations made by educational diagnosticians.

The Academic Support Center is available to students who have diagnosed learning differences or who are experiencing learning problems and may need educational assistance. Our learning specialist acts as an advocate for students helping them achieve success in the classroom.