Synchronous Education

Synchronous learning at Heritage Academy is an additional academic option for students pursuing a time- consuming extracurricular activity. Synchronous learning is a form of education, learning or instruction in which the student learns from the instructor in real time but not necessarily in person or in the same location. Teaching and learning through Synchronous Education (SE) is quite a different experience for most students which can be very an effective time management option for those pursuing a passion interest. At Heritage Academy, we are committed to providing education that takes distance learning to a new level, focusing on group learning and real time collaboration with teachers and peers – because they are in a real class. Delays in learning while a student waits for a response from his/her online tutor and learning in isolation are things of the past. From their first day, SE students will feel they are a part of a learning community rather than learning on their own.

Heritage Academy students attend a synchronous learning classThe Synch Ed Campus was introduced to enable off-site students to access a Heritage Academy education from the partner program facilities without the travel time to and from the main academic campus. Consistent with our mission at Heritage, students have the flexibility and additional time to fit their education around their passion, whether it be the arts or sport.

Heritage Academy Synchronous Education originally met the needs of students at La Loma Golf Academy in Mexico. The elite golf program required an educational pathway that allowed their students to take classes in either the morning or the afternoon so that a block of time was available for sustained golf training and practice. The success of this project inspired us to develop the Synch Ed Campus further.

Students access the Synch Ed Campus via a partner academy who provides the educational setting. The word ‘campus’ should create a feel of a wraparound learning experience which supports for the students’ sporting/arts passions and aspirations. The advantage of being attached to the Heritage campus is the access they have to a functioning school of well qualified teachers who interact with each other.

We aim to set ourselves apart from the online providers to ensure that students receive an authentic classroom experience. Students build relationships with their peers and teachers and due to the synchronous nature of the classes, students can ask questions and become involved in group/ paired work with the students sitting in the classroom. We also have the advantage over online classes as teachers can facilitate a variety of learning styles rather than students being immobile in their seat for the entirety of the class.